Toddlers & Twos

Toddlers and Twos are active, curious and full of energy.  Many self-help skills are developed are developed during this stage giving children confidence to say, “I can do it myself.”  Through active play, your child will rapidly develop strong motor skills while investigating every detail of their environment.

Healthy Environment

Your child will have their own mat for resting and their own cubby area labeled for personal use.  Bed linens are laundered on site regularly.  The mats and toys are disinfected each day.

Encouraging Discovery

These classrooms provide a safe, stimulating environment designed to accommodate this age of curiosity.  While encouraging your child to develop self-confidence, our teachers will provide a multitude of opportunities to improve decision making skills without discouraging their curiosity.  As each child begins to develop social skills and independence, our teachers will praise appropriate behavior and set consistent limits while encouraging children to express themselves verbally, enhancing their language skills.

Kids Harbor of Old Peachtree is absolutely the best place I could have chosen to take care of my children! ALL of the teachers are AMAZING!! I truly love this place. I recently had to relocate to another side of town. My husband and I chose to keep our kids there even though the commute has become a pain 🙂 It is well worth it, because my 3-year-old son is so far ahead of many other children his age, and my 11-month old daughter thinks she knows it all! Khop really makes me feel great when I come in the door and everyone knows my name and my children’s names…I can really go on and on about how great this school is! I have recommended them to everyone I know with children. I really love this place and will keep my kids here until they’re too old to attend!

Robin Slatten

Parent’s Daily Report

Your child’s teachers will send you a Daily Report via email that includes important and fun information about your child’s day at Kids Harbor. Find out more about our innovative Tadpoles Communication System here.