Infants & Crawlers

Infants grow and develop faster in the first year than any other year.  As they respond to sound and touch a sense of trust and attachment is developed with the caregiver.  Feeling secure in their surroundings plays an important part of developing relationships while growing into curious, confident toddlers.

The Infant / Crawler Room staff will provide close and responsive supervision, encourage the exploration of new things, be consistent in meeting your child’s individual needs and provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment for each child.

Our daughter started here at 3 months old and we have loved it! As a new mom, I was hesitant about letting someone else take care of my child. Kids Harbor helped make this such an easy transition with their awesome staff, Tadpoles app (sending me pictures of my baby learning), and great facilities. I highly recommend this day care!

Amanda Hullinger

Safety and Health are Top Priority

Each infant / crawler will have their own assigned crib and cubby area, labeled with their name for personal use.  Bed linens are laundered on-site daily.  Cribs and toys are disinfected throughout the day and at the close of each day.

Parent’s Daily Report

Your child’s teachers will send you a Daily Report via email that includes important and fun information about your child’s day at Kids Harbor. Find out more about our innovative Tadpoles Communication System here.

My daughter started at this facility at 3 months; she’s now 7 months and I can tell you it’s the best.  I love this day care! She learned a lot. I’m very pleased.

Michelle Thomas