Before & After School Program


As elementary schools are altering schedules, we are here to serve your needs and the needs of your school-aged children with enhanced programs to help with virtual learning sessions and more.

A boost of confidence, virtual learning support, help with homework, fun activities, and time with friends — your child has it all in our school age program. In our safe, secure environment, our skilled teachers help your child set goals at the start of each day, and then prime them to continue learning, growing and laughing long after the school bell has rung. An array of engaging activities allows your child plenty of opportunities to move, socialize, and develop new skills and interests. Enriched mornings and afternoons serve as a valuable extension to your child’s elementary school experience.


One of our top priorities is always the safety of the children, and that includes those being transported to and from local schools. Our buses, unlike public school buses, are equipped with safety restraints. We also use a team safety check system to ensure no child is left behind on a vehicle and that children are checked safely into the facility.

Fuel for the mind and bellies

We have Outdoor Classrooms where children can learn about, and how to nurture, other living things and different indoor classrooms so children can be grouped in their age group, freshman, junior and senior school-age classrooms. We also provide a healthy, after school snack to keep them fueled.

Social play

There are beautiful outdoor play spaces with age-appropriate equipment including swings, play structures, basketball courts and covered shaded areas for the children.

Social Responsibility

Our students learn the importance of community involvement and social responsibility through our charitable “All Hands on Deck” initiative.  We’ve mailed letters to soldiers overseas, collected items and visited the local animal shelter, visited assisted living facilities to sing, and so much more.

Kid’s Harbor rocks! My daughter has had such a fantastic experience. The staff are very professional. The classroom teachers create a structured environment. Very hands on learning environment. Before Kid’s Harbor, my daughter struggled and didn’t care about school. She is now thriving in school! Our family loves Kid’s Harbor! Thomas Taylor

Kids Harbor is a home away from home for my children. My family and I feel like we’re a part of a great big happy family! The Clarkes