Private Pre-K

pre-K interactionThere are components exclusive to our private program, not found in the Georgia-funded program.

Class Size Matters

For ideal instruction and interaction with each child, we keep our class size for our private program to a maximum of 20 students.

Core Knowledge Curriculum

We teach the Core Knowledge Curriculum that includes coherent, cumulative and content-specific fundamentals.

  • Language Arts (pre-K and Kindergarten-level materials for leveled readers)
  • Character Development and Social Skills Program
  • Kindermusik program
  • Visual Arts
  • History
  • Math
  • Science

Our curriculum includes a variety of subjects so children are well-prepared for the next step in their education… first grade!  These subjects include language arts, visual arts, science, math and history.

Our Core Knowledge Curriculum also offers parents at-home activities and additional learning for parents and children. These guides include stories – both well-known and of diverse traditions, history, math, science, visual arts, music, opportunities for exploring nature and more (including sections on how children learn to read).

Latest Technology

It is important our staff be equipped with technology that allows them to focus on our students instead of paperwork. It’s also important your child is equipped with the tools that best prepares him for Kindergarten.

Touch screen computers

Our students work with the latest in technology.  We not only learn how to use computers, but also how to treat them. Daily interaction with tools and technology help students learn the value of equipment and the difference between toys and computers.

iPads and Tadpoles

iPads are in every classroom, complete with the Tadpoles interactive communication tool. Parents love this since they are able to remain informed and engaged throughout the day.

Smart Boards

A replacement for what parents may remember as ‘overhead projectors’, we equip our private kindergarten classrooms with interactive “smart” boards.

These boards help make learning fun, allowing a hands-on approach for students and the flexibility for teachers to support multiple learning styles (visual, audio and tactile learning).

Students interact with the board and classmates. This offers students to fully participate in class, contributing to presentations by touching, hearing, drawing and writing on the board. Students also learn to feel comfortable standing in front of their peers, strengthening their self-confidence and preparing them for future public or group interaction.


15Our students come from a multitude of backgrounds, and we want our students to appreciate each other for who they are and not what they wear. Not only do our students carry pride in their school there is less stress over choosing what to wear each day, there are many additional benefits of having uniforms for school.

Parents actually save money (and time) shopping for school clothing. Did you know that a national survey of school leaders reported 86% believed “one of the main benefits to parents is that school uniforms are more cost-effective than regular apparel.”

Our uniforms are very cost effective, washable and durable (and your mornings are a little easier!

Field Trips

We travel in our safe school buses to many educational sites throughout the area that include lessons on history like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historical site, hands-on learning like science museums, and just plain fun, friendship building trips.

pre-k graduationGraduation

One of the most exciting parts of the school year (and bittersweet for our staff), is seeing your children graduate from pre-K! Our parents are confident their children are ready for their next step… Kindergarten!  At their graduation ceremony, children receive cap and gowns, diplomas, pomp and circumstance and their own reception after the ceremony.

Most daycares schedule a tour but Kids Harbor allows you to come and see their establishment at anytime which proves they are always 100% at their best. I called several times a day in the beginning (yes I was that mom) and I was able to speak directly with the teachers for an update.

Breanne Ramnauth

I really enjoy the staff at Kids Harbor. The prices are affordable and their hours fit perfect with my schedule. The center is very child friendly & clean. The teachers are very engaged in the teaching & learning of our children. When I drop my son off in the morning I am NOT worried about his safety. I know he’s in GOOD hands!!

The Ross Family

I would never trust my babies with any other daycare. Kids Harbor far exceeds the expectations I have for where my children spend so much time.  The thing I love most about Kids Harbor is the low turnover rate. The same staff has been here since we started and they are just like family!

The Vickers Family