Pre-Kindergarten Programs


Did you know 90% of a child’s brain development happens before age 5?!  During this time, it is so important that children have access to tools and instruction to prepare them for a successful life of learning and development.

Kids Harbor offers two programs for pre-kindergarten:

What are the Differences between Pre-K Programs?

Program Fees

Georgia’s lottery-funded program is free to parents, with a few exceptions:

  • There is a $30 meal fee per week
  • The school day is 6.5 hours. If you require before and after school care, that typically costs $95 per week
  • Georgia’s program does not cover school holidays or early release. If you require care during school holidays, that typically costs $170 per week

Private Pre-K program

  • Weekly tuition = $200
  • Meal fee = $0
  • Before and after school care = $0
  • Teacher workdays and early release days are included


The Georgia pre-K program operates just like other schools; children are expected to attend class 6.5 hours each day, 180 days per year. A child can be un-enrolled for being chronically tardy or being excessively picked up early (defined as late arrival or early departure more than once per week).


Georgia requires the Creative Curriculum that targets essential knowledge and skills, while Kids Harbor offers the Core Knowledge Curriculum that also includes a Language Arts program and a Character Development/Social Skills Program.  We encourage you to review both programs and determine which is best for your child.

Here is a basic comparison between Pre-K programs:

Kid’s Harbor is fantastic!!!! The teachers and staff are so professional. My daughter just finished pre-k and we loved it so much she is going to attend private Kindergarten! The teachers create a structured environment. I teach elementary school and can’t say enough great things about Kid’s Harbor!

Heidi Taylor