Programs & Curriculum

Core Knowledge Curriculum

Our effective curriculum is coupled with effective teaching by engaging students, building language competency, and providing targeted feedback to students through assessment to further shape their learning.

The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence identifies skill and knowledge competencies in all areas:

  • Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Language Development
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Cognitive Development

Sequential building of knowledge, language, and skills build cumulatively from year to year to ensure children enter each new grade ready to learn while preventing repetitions and gaps that so often characterize current education.

Core Knowledge Documentation

Download this compilation of information from the Core Knowledge Foundation for further reading and detail on the curriculum,  or visit the foundation’s site here.


AdvancED Accreditation

This accreditation reveals Kids Harbor’s dedication to continuous improvement in everything we do. We’re committed to providing a nurturing environment enriched with opportunities to encourage every child to excel to his or her highest potential.  Our schools continue to improve through evolving standards, technology, innovation, and education.

Kids Harbor Programs

Research shows that the early years of a child’s life are critical for growth and development. Children learn from the moment of birth, growing and developing at an individual pace.

Our age-specific programs provide each child an opportunity to develop the skills needed to excel in their educational journey by providing a balance of care, experience, and education.

Click below for more detail on the programs and curriculum specific to your child’s needs.

“Finally a daycare that gets it! The teachers are experienced, professional and most importantly they treat every child like their own… The daycare facility is always well maintained and cleanliness is clearly a priority. I have no worries when I drop my children off that they are well taken care of and in an environment where they will grow. Thank you Kids Harbor for all that you do!!”

Tomeka Thomas

“The level of professionalism and expertise of this center has exceeded all of my expectations. The management team goes above and beyond. Seeing my child learn and grow over the years has no doubt shown me how great the curriculum is and how the teachers do an awesome job with it everyday in their classrooms. I would without a doubt recommend this childcare center to everyone.”

Blake Lorino