Parent Communication

Tadpoles Communication System

We have iPads in every classroom, complete with the Tadpoles interactive communication tool to keep parents engaged throughout the day.


Parents stay involved

Through a secure, online system, we keep parents posted on everything your precious child is up to throughout the day. Photos and videos of their daily activities and learning experiences are sent directly to your email. Or, using the mobile app, you can mark your child out sick or on vacation and we’ll be updated immediately.

Download and even share photos or videos of your children and even view a full portfolio of historical activities using the mobile app.

Safer for the children

Each of our teachers are provided with an iPad they can keep with them, whether they’re on the playground, in the classroom or on a field trip, this innovative tool offers immediate access to each child’s emergency contact information.

Immediate alerts

Not only are parents given daily reports, photos, videos, notes and reminders of their children throughout the day, we are also able to send out emergency alerts if necessary. Never wonder about school closings again… we send you a text!