Accreditation: The Journey of Continuous Improvement

What it means to be an accredited school

The Journey

Whew! The accreditation process has been an incredible journey, but we’re not done yet! That’s the whole point of the accreditation. It’s not about “get the certification and you’re done,” it’s about being ranked as a top institution providing an educational and nurturing environment to help each student realize his or her full potential. In addition, it’s about our institution continuing to improve through evolving standards, technology, innovation, and education.

However, if you want to see our journey so far, read on and enjoy some of the images and explanations about what we’ve accomplished with the help of our staff, students, and parents alike!

Thud Factor

There was a loud “thud” (and a little intimidation) when we hear the 90-page checklist of criteria required for certification landed on the table. But there is nothing greater than a challenge worth taking!

There are five standards Quality Early Learning Schools must meet:

  1. Purpose and Direction
  2. Governance and Leadership
  3. Teaching and Assessing for Learning
  4. Resources and Support Systems
  5. Using Results for Continuous Improvement

Each of these standards has its own checklist to follow. We were amazed to see that a lot of these standards, we were already following. But we still had our work cut out for us; we had to document everything and there is always (always) room for improvement.


Accreditation is more than just making sure we have clean floors and locks on the doors. High standards are in place for everything from security, wellness, academics, technology, involvement in the community, continuous education for our staff, communication with parents, emergency medical procedures, hiring practices, consistent teaching staff for infants and toddlers, community leadership… the list goes on. But each piece is so important to building an evolving and excelling center of education for your child.

If you have questions about the process, the accreditation, how it impacts you or your child, please visit our FAQ page here. Or come talk to any member of our staff!