5 Easy Valentines Day Crafts for Preschoolers

5 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for PreschoolersCrafts are fun for preschoolers, but they’re also an important teaching tool. Coloring, drawing, cutting, folding, and gluing all take fine motor control and help children practice using both hands at the same time. Plus, crafts give children a chance to be creative and to practice flexibility when things don’t go their way. Shapes, colors, and concepts, like holidays, are more fun to learn with a glue stick and construction paper. These five Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers don’t require a lot of supplies and are perfect for small hands to do (almost) by themselves.

Coffee Filter Suncatcher

Watercolor paints and large white coffee filters are the only supplies needed for this colorful craft from Fun At Home With Kids.

Valentine's Day Preschooler Craft Watercolor Heart Painting

  • Set out some watercolor paints for your child to choose from
  • Then use a dropper to “paint” the coffee filter
  • Cut out a heart shape once it’s dry
  • Hang it in the window for a vibrant Valentine’s Day decoration

The wet coffee filters can take on a pattern of the surface they are sitting on. The author dried her suncatcher on a paper towel with a patterned texture that transferred to the coffee filter. It was an unexpected surprise for the author, but you and your preschooler could experience with other textures as well as sandpaper, lace, or cheesecloth.

Valentine’s Day Heart Leis

These heart leis from Makezine take a few more supplies than the other crafts on our list, but the end result is an adorable accessory perfect for any classroom party. You’ll need

  • Yarn
  • Straws
  • Cardstock
  • Hole punch

Once you help your preschooler cut out the hearts from the paper and trim the straws down to one-inch separators, they will be free to string up the lei using any pattern they’d like.

Valentine’s Day Heart WreathsValentine's Day Preschooler Craft Paper heart wreath

This Valentine’s Day wreath from The Resourceful Mama is a simple and easy craft for a preschooler.

  • To prepare, cut out several hearts from construction paper in different Valentine’s Day-themed colors.
  • At the link, you can even find a template to print off for perfect hearts in three different sizes.
  • Next, cut the middle circle out of a paper plate and lay it face down. Your preschooler can glue the different size and color hearts onto the paper plate to create the wreath.

This craft is simple, but can easily be personalized to your child’s skills. He or she might be able to help you cut out the hearts, or you can consider adding more elements to the wreath such as glitter, paints, or poms.

Button Heart Card

Carrie Elle originally shared this idea for an easy and cute Valentine’s Day craft for preschoolers. All you need is cardstock and craft buttons in Valentine’s Day colors.

  • Cut a guide heart for your child to follow
  • Then let them choose which buttons to use to cover the guide
  • Glue the completed button heart over a white cardstock background for a frame-worthy craft project!

Cheerio Bird FeedersValentine's Day Preschooler Craft Cheerio Heart

Give your birds a Valentine’s Day treat with this easy bird feeder made from Cheerios. This idea comes to us from Red Ted Art and only requires:

  • Cheerios
  • Foral wire
  • Ribbon

Bend the wire into the shape a heart, have your preschooler thread the Cheerios onto the wire, and help them tie the ribbon around it.

Hang the feeder where your child will be able to see the birds come to eat it. Not only does this craft look pretty in the yard, but your child will feel good when they see the birds come to taste their creation.

Get Crafty

These easy Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers are just suggestions for inspiring your child’s creativity. When a child successfully completes a craft, they have a self-esteem and big boost of confidence because they accomplished something they can be proud of. To help encourage those good feelings, it’s important to offer preschoolers craft opportunities at their skill level. Anything too difficult or a project that requires a lot of adult assistance won’t give them the same “look what I made!” satisfaction as a project they can complete almost entirely on their own.

Parent Resources

Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day books you can read with your preschooler:

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