Kids Harbor Early Learning Centers


Our commitment is to provide a nurturing environment enriched with opportunities to encourage every child to excel to his or her highest potential.



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Quality Programs



Age-specific programs and variety of learning environments, including our outdoor classroom, offer each child the opportunity to excel in their educational journey through a balance of care, education and experience.


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Community and education go hand in hand.


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Core Benefits

Parent Communication

Be a part of your child’s activities and educational experience through the day with an integrated online experience and even photos and videos sent directly to your mobile device.

Quality Programs

Age-specific programs and variety of learning environments, including our outdoor classroom, offer each child the opportunity to excel in their educational journey through a balance of care, education and experience.

State of the Art Facilities

Our facilities, including a library / media center and classes with smart board technology, are well-equipped with modern tools to offer children a broader educational experience and prepare them for future learning.

An Inside Look at Kids Harbor

This video offers a sample of what our centers have to offer. We know nothing is better than seeing it for yourself, so stop by for a tour at any of our locally owned and operated centers in Dacula, Lawrenceville, Grayson or Loganville.

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From forgetting to prep your child for their first day to skipping orientation or even making a huge dramatic fuss about the first day, there are several surefire ways to ruin your child’s first week of preschool. Make sure you to avoid these common mistakes when sending them off to school!

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How to Get Kids to Help Do Chores

Getting kids to help do chores teaches responsibility, however it can be a frustrating experience for parents. With a few best practice tips, you can encourage your children to help without nagging or yelling.

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How to Make Summer Education Fun for Preschoolers

Just because school is out, it doesn’t mean that education should stop until school starts again.  In this article, we highlight some creative ways that you can make summer education fun without the kids even realizing that they are learning.

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Kids Harbor Locations

Old Peachtree

Hamilton Mill

Bay Creek